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About Always On My Heart - One Month Anniversary Gifts - Gift Boxes for Women

      Our story begins one fate filled evening as new eyes glimpsed a distant yet familiar horizon and two hearts fell in love.  Lisa and Tim met in the fall of 1999.  It was love at first sight.  As Tim says "the first time I felt her hand brush across mine I knew we would never part.  I had found the one."  


      It was hard at first as he had just graduated from college and would embark a couple of weeks later on a two-year start to a career apart from Lisa who would be at least 6 hours away from finishing school.  They married in January of 2002 in Friendswood, TX has been long distance for the previous two years.  They had their first son 3 days before the first anniversary, the 2nd son a week after the second, and the first of two daughters the following December.  It was very difficult.  Like other couples, the romance and newness of relationship dulled and took back seat to just trying to survive.  A few years later they had their 4th child which added to the ongoing struggle of trying to find time for each other in the midst of a constant drumbeat of the demands of life. There were hills and valleys alongside trials and triumph.  

       Along the way, they learned the importance of intention in keeping a relationship bathed in affection, recognition, and grace.  In these times it was evident, and as cliche, as it sounds it really was the little things that mattered.  You didn't have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to impress or spend hours creating some masterpiece.  It was the small surprise note left on a phone reminder screen or the impromptu 15-minute date to the local coffee shop for adult time.  To know someone cares is the blanket warming the passioned couple by the fire.  In all this, they found each other again and are more in love now than even those first few weeks.  

       As they watched their counterparts struggle with similar competing forces between the demands of the life and their own unique love Tim and Lisa saw a gift within their own relationship that could benefit others.  The mission is simple.  To help couples find each other again.  To realize that they truly are perfectly fashioned and fitted as one commissioned in conquest over this world.